This website, like I mentioned in the "About Page," is actually a collection of all my notes. A friend of mine triggered me into coming up with this website.

I did not like being called out. I did not like being made to feel that I like music that is, somehow, some way, defective, wrong or evil, so I came up with all these notes. And I think I've done a fairly good job filling them out.

However, if you have ever tried to fill out outlines in your academic career, you know that this can be a touch and go situation. It really can be.

Some parts of your notes are fully developed. You can see the thoughts all flow into each other, and you can fully understand what's going on. This is when things work out really well. But in most cases, there are parts of the outline that leave a lot to be desired.

There are a lot of notes here that may not be all that fully developed. Maybe I jumped to conclusions. Maybe I assumed that certain parts were there but in actuality they're not. There might be stuff that I dwell on too much while relying on generalizations or very light material for others.

Regardless, whether we look at this website from a purely qualitative or quantitative basis, there is room for improvement. I'll be the first to admit this.

So do me a big favor, if you notice that there is a link that is dead for whatever reason, let us know. Either I will take care of it or my assistant will take care of it.

I know, that word "assistant" seems so awesome because it seems that I have a lot of money running this website. Believe me, I'm a one-man band.

I do have assistants in the form of virtual assistants that I hire through the internet. These are people located all over the planet and they can get to the bottom of the problem sooner rather than later. They can definitely get to the root of the problem sooner than me.

So you only need to fill out the form and clearly identify what the problem is. Is it a dead link? Is it a missing page? Are you trying to get the program or the database to do something and it doesn't give you the kind of result you're looking for?

Maybe you're searching for a particular CD or a particular band or a particular biography of an artist. For whatever reason, the information doesn't show up. As long as you give me a clear enough description of what you did before you did the search and what happened during the search as well as the actual search result, I would have enough to go on to get the problem fixed.

Again, I'm not necessarily fixing the problem myself. I may be asleep, I may be traveling halfway around the world, or I might be hanging out with my family. Instead, it will get routed to somebody who has the competence and the attention to detail to take care of the problem the first time around.

Make no mistake, when you send in your feedback, it's not going to fall on deaf ears. It's not like I'm just going to get all this information and sit on it. That's not how I roll. Seriously. That's not how I play the game.

When you send in information, I know that you invested your time, effort and focus into it. It's important enough for you to sit up, pay attention and do something about it. I'm not going to disrespect that by completely ignoring it.

However, please be patient. It's not like everything is top priority. If I notice that certain complaints keep getting registered by different people at different times and in different contexts, those are the kinds of problems I will probably take care of first.

So do me a very big favor, if you like doommantia.com and you really want it to live up to its fullest potential, help me get it there by sharing your thoughts. That's all I need from you. Just share your thoughts, share your impressions, share your complaints and I'll get on the case.