Top 5 E-Juice Flavors That You Should Definitely Try

Did you ever try vaping nicotine salt? If ‘no’ then do try it if want to enjoy maximum.  There are many people who don’t know what is nicotine salt. If you are one among them then read on to understand what it is and how it would be beneficial for you. Nicotine salt is a good choice for the people who are in search for a good nicotine alternative.

This nicotine salt is also popularly known as ‘nic salt’.  This nic salt is generally made by using pure nicotine and certain kind of acids. Don’t panic by listening to the word ‘acid’ here. Don’t worry they are not the dangerous acids which you are thinking. This nicotine salt is generally found in tobacco naturally.

Nicotine Salt Vs Nicotine

Nicotine is also called nicotine liquid or freebase nicotine. Besides, this is directly extracted from tobacco by removing all the impurities in tobacco. If you are looking for nicotine in its purest form then this freebase nicotine would be your right choice. But, one thing which you should keep in your mind here is its PH levels will be around 8 to 9. Now, you may be wondering why I am speaking about PH levels here! Remember, PH levels have a correlation with the harshness.

In fact, higher the strength of nicotine, the harsher it becomes. In order to avoid this problem Nicotine salts has been introduced into the market. These nicotine salts will have a low PH value. You can avoid irritation in your throat while inhaling by vaping nicotine salts.

If you really want to enjoy the vaping experience the first thing which should do is choose a flavor according to your taste. If you are a beginner then it can be actually difficult for you to find a perfect e-juice. Don’t worry! We are here to make your job easy. Vape juices are categorized into 5 different flavors. Have a look below to know what they are.

  • Menthol: Menthol flavors are actually a good choice for the smokers who don’t like the harsh tobacco flavor. This flavor soothes your throat well while vaping. No doubt in it, you will definitely love that experience. Do try this menthol flavor on a hot, sunny day to enjoy the experience.
  • Fruit: This is one of the most popular nicotine salts juices flavor. Besides, you will have lots of options in the fruit flavors to choose from. Your taste buds will definitely enjoy this e-juice flavor.
  • Candy – If you want to go back to your childhood days then do try this candy flavor.
  • Tobacco – This flavor almost tastes and smell like the cigarettes. If you are looking for more bold flavors then this tobacco flavor would be your perfect choice.
  • Custard – If you are looking for creamy and sweet flavors then this flavor would be your best choice.

Hence, you can choose the flavor you like to enjoy maximum. Visit and buy your favorite vape juice online.



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